nice to meet you!

I grew up in a creative family, to whom design, music and artistic expression have always been second nature.

I have italian roots but grew up between Luxembourg, Switzerland and Germany, before finally settling in Switzerland.

Fashion is a love i have been nurturing since I was eight years old, I started designing clothes because I wanted to become a fashion designer, a passion that I have cultivated until adulthood.

Despite my career path has taken other directions, this passion has become the fil rouge of my life.

The various experiences working in the luxury goods sector have nourished my interest in perfecting style.

In particular the style that we are going to create tailor-made,according to the needs of customers. That style that is not based only on trends but on who they are.

The style that represents the person and the needs at that given moment.

Whether it's a person, a place, a brand or something else, the service is tailor-made and personalized.

I love the beauty of harmony in all its forms; I love the gaze of my clients who marvel as they look at themself; I love when they admire what has been created for them because it speaks of them.


This always fills me with satisfaction, and I am very grateful to those who gifts me with their trust every time.