nice to meet you!

i grew up in a creative family, to whom design, music and artistic expression have always been second nature.

i have italian roots but grew up between luxembourg, switzerland and germany, before finally settling in switzerland.

fashion is a love i have been nurturing since i was eight years old, a fil rouge throughout my life.

various experiences working in the luxury goods sector have nourished my interest in perfecting style.

i have grown personally and professionally over the course of many years, a process that has vastly broadned my mind and my approach to all the work that i do.

ceative energy is something i have always loved - it draws me in and expands my ideas. creative processes require an intense energy to turn things around, yet are delicate and warrant respect. i have an acute perseption of the people and places with which i work, and how to enable the to express themselves accordingly.

putting myselvf in my client's shoes to seize new potential is immensely satisfying to me and my creativity and i am thoroughly grateful to those who put their faith in me.