interior & restyling consultancy

photo source: pinterest
photo source: pinterest

Restyling or rethinking interior design, furniture and layout.


It's a service that involves looking closely at the space you wanto to updat(home, office, shop, anywhere you choose) and analysing it, with the intention of creating a makeover plan.


We often reach a point where we wanto to give the items and spaces we use everyday a new look, but -short of replacing everything- don't know how.


After an interview to better understand your tastes, we'll try to identify little tricks that would totally refresh your indoor spaces.


some clients examples:



restyling of a coaching studio in Lugano.

some addings and changings to renew the look and to give it the the right outcome for the client.

suggestions village house in malcantone


proposals for the restyling of certain rooms:

  • the images of the original house have been removed for privacy reasons