Personal shopping

The idea behind personal shopping is to assist you in your purchases. It helps you to select and compare all kinds of items, from clothing to furnishing, gifts and even more.

It can involve accompanying you in person through the shopping process or making purchases on your behalf.

This last option is particularly helpful in gift-buying or taking care of other requests when life's hectic schedule gets in the way.





H.T.Diplomat, Finland


"Angelica, the Style feeling, made me a new beautiful style in May 2015.

I loved working with Angelica and I was very impressed by her excellent taste and good eye in choosing new clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, make up...

We also went through my wardrobe and she designed me completely new outfits based on what I had and what we bought together.

She can also be quite tough in her recommendations on what not to keep.

One needs to be prepared to give up things that don't serve any more.

But the end result is absolutely worth it.

I love my new style!

Thank you Angelica!"